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Zhongquo LF#1
Peoples' Republic of China

Shanghai, the greatest show on earth in the 21st century. The scale and pace of urban development is astonishing. But get on your bike in the wet cold of winter, strap a large format on the back and peddle hard, say 20, 25 mins towards the edges of Puxi and you hit what was the first wave of developments. This is what they built before they could afford the gleaming high rises and tower blocks of today.

All shots taken together with Luke Cardew using a Shen Hao 6x4 large format and 150mm Fujinon lens. Each could easily cover a wall - click the image to see them a little more like they are supposed to be, and click here for the making off.

"Ghost" - Shanghai 2009
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2008
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2008
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2008
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2009
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2009
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2012
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2009
"Untitled" - Shanghai 2008