Bangalore Dark Street
Republic of India
2012 - Ongoing

Bangalore, a bustling, throbbing, contorted mess of beauty. First impressions are somewhat disorientating but stay a while, get under the skin, behind the doors and down the side streets to discover the wonder within. City market at its heart, surrounded by clogged arteries in all the directions, animal, vegetable, mineral all wound into one. I love it.
"The Boxer" - Bangalore 2012
"Out of the Shadows" - Bangalore 2013
"On the blower" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangaore 2014
"Chick chick" - Bangalore 2014
"And then she smiled" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2013
"Tiger Seller" - Bangalore 2014
"With the sleeping dogs of bangalore" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2013
"Dad, son and the newborn" - Bangalore 2012
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2015
"Bolt" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2014
"Untitled" - Bangalore 2013
"White in the black" - Bangalore 2014
"Watching" - Bangalore 2014
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